November 23, 2012

Morning Motography......At The Beach

I hope that you are enjoying a long weekend (like I am)....and although you may not be at the beach (like I am), I thought that I'd share a few photos with you that I shot during my morning workout walk. 

I enjoy photography so much and it's become such a huge part of what I do, however I don't always enjoy the fact that my camera and all of my lenses weigh a ton and when I'm out exercising I don't want to lug all of that around!

When the new iPhone5 came out it was really time to replace my existing first generation phone that had seen better days. I was waiting for this one to come out, and it has an awesome camera that takes HDR (high dynamic range) images. The iPhone 4 has this as well...but I waited long enough and it was time.

I've been enjoying Instagram (find me there under user name of shabbyfufu) and some of my favorite photographers there are actually"motographers"

As defined by the Urban Dictionary.......

And while I don't think that I'll be giving up my big equipment any time soon, there are definite advantages to portability and it takes a pretty nice shot! 

Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter.  ~Ansel Adams


  1. Great pics , and I feel the same.I dont enjoy dragging my big girls camera around, much prefer my little panasonic.It's amazing that a phone can have a camera like that!

  2. Great photos, Janet. I don't have a big camera but my small one is attached to me like fleas to a dog. Your phone camera is amazing! xo Diana

  3. Loved going on your workout with you :)
    Instagram is fun, isn't it? No real editing of photos if you don't feel like it. I've really enjoyed seeing you there.


  4. My iphone is a 3 and is starting to falter, not ringing sometimes etc. so I am thinking on replacing with the 5 it does take good pictures, what a nice walk workout place you have!! The pics are lovely!

  5. Oh, looking at these pictures makes me miss the beach! Thank you for sharing such natural beauty!! Amazed by your phone camera quality... love it!!
    Sonia xox

  6. Beautiful photo's Janet ! the sea and a blue sky, what else ?!!!
    Xoxo my friend !