January 25, 2012

Some Pretty Things

Thank you for the entries, emails and F/B comments about my photography.....always a work in progress and a long time love of mine. 

The winner of the 5x7 print that was randomly chosen is pink*cherub*moon....so please contact me with your mailing address and photo preference and I'll send it out!

I'm trying my best to get my website back online again, after deciding to close down for the month of January...and truthfully I'm just not getting anywhere very fast! I've been working in my studio on some pretty things. These are all custom orders, including a couple of my now well known Mason Jar chandeliers......

and a customized candelabra......
and this romantic dressform......
So yeah.....I've been busy, but I'm not going to stress....as one of the promises that I made to myself this 2012 was to take it as it comes and try and enjoy each day.

"Happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your own actions" Dalai Lama
I hope that you have a great rest of the week....I'll be back next week with another post I'm sure!

January 22, 2012

Shabbyfufu Photography Giveaway

Hello everyone......it's time for a little giveaway here on my blog! 

As you may know I've been contributing my photography for quite a long time to several of the feminine magazines that we all love to read. Lately I've been enjoying exploring the more artistic side of photography and editing....and participating in some local photography events & shoots locally. So this petite giveaway will be your choice of a 5x7 fine art photograph of any of the prints below....your choice! 

January 19, 2012

Growing, Seeking, Dreaming....

I may be MIA here on Bloglandia over the next couple of weeks....working hard on getting the website back open HOPEFULLY on Feb 1st! 

Things will be a little different as most of what our customers seem to want are the one of a kind pieces, so that's what I'm mainly focusing on right now. Things have definitely changed over the years since I've had an on~line shop (since 1999) and I've thankfully been very busy with custom orders. I need to slow it down a bit too, and am focusing on personal growth & fulfillment, health and family. I've lived many of my dreams....I'm not stopping to seek more, growing, dreaming.....

"Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I grow, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be"....unknown

January 14, 2012

Spare Hands Needed....Shabbyfufu Shop Updates

Happy weekend everyone....thanks for stopping by today. 

If you are familiar at all with my website SHABBYFUFU, then you know that I'm not the new kid on the block by any stretch. Since opening in 1999, I have NEVER closed up shop before. Honestly the last couple of years with the economy being on the rocks and with all of the new places coming on line all the time, I've thought about making it a permanent decision several times....but then the artist in me wants to keep creating and you guys who send me emails asking when more things are coming make it seem more like my life's work. I thank you for that...you know who you are:-). I have not been able to reopen just yet with quite a few custom orders for various things. I am grateful for that....you know who you are:-).

For those who asked...I hope to reopen on or around Feb 1st. It's going to be gorgeous....promise!

I've been sewing....
I've been antiquing......
I've been wiring, painting and shopping for parts.......
Really can use some spare hands around here, but thankfully for some projects and general love and support I have his......
In the meantime....come connect with SHABBYFUFU on Facebook or leave a comment here on the blog.....

January 11, 2012

Romantic Homes Winner And Shabbyfufu Shop

Hello everyone...I hope that you are having a great week so far. Although I'm too busy working on updates for my shop at SHABBYFUFU for a full inspirational blog post, I wanted to select a winner with Random.org for the Romantic Homes Magazine giveaway before the issue is out of date! Thank you for entering...the winner is # 4...Lulu Kellogg
Send me your mailing address and I'll get this right out!
I received some very exciting news yesterday and can't wait to share....but common sense tells me that for now I must:-).
Enjoy your day....and don't forget to add some romance to your life...♡

January 5, 2012

Quick Romantic Homes Valentine's Issue Giveaway

A quick post and a quick giveaway! 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was quite honored that Romantic Homes Magazine asked to feature me as one of the "Romantics" in the new February issue!

A couple of the nice peeps there sent me extra issues and I will choose one person who comments on this post to receive a gratis copy. This giveaway is open worldwide.....just leave a comment to win and I'll draw a winner in a few days. 

For now...I am off on a Buying Trip, as my website will be updated soon and filled with lots of new things!

January 3, 2012

How To Build A French Farmhouse Table

We often have a want or need of something over budget, and I'd say that we had both with our muse. A table at Restoration Hardware caught our eyes and yet the budget would not allow. Read on and I'll show you how we built our own French Farmhouse table with lots of visuals, cause I'm better at following pictures:-)