March 26, 2012

Sea Washed.....

Happy Monday! I hope that you enjoy the week ahead....

I'm off to work on orders in my studio and I'm so very grateful to have them. These days I would rather play than work and just spent several days at the beach doing just that....

Sharing a few sea washed images from the weekend with you today....and hope that you make time for some play in your life this week!
***One quick note, thank you for everyone who came over via Homebound and left comments on the post with my Mason Jar chandelier. That post was made a year ago, and my sweet dog Murphy passed away shortly after the post was made. Thank you so much for your kind comments on his welfare****

March 19, 2012

French Forays...Spring Homebound Magazine Is Here

It's Monday morning and I'm excited to begin a new week with lots and tons on my plate, as per usual......
I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the Spring issue of Heather's on~line magazine Homebound, along with some other talented bloggers. It's give yourself a little treat and sign up to read it HERE 

My piece is about shopping the Paris fleas or marche' aux puces with some tips and of course photos.
Speaking of.....I'll be going back to France once again in about a month and will be heading down to Provence to shop the markets after spending a little time in Paris. A much better time for this than the last time I was there (above iPhone photo) freezing but undeterred from the task at hand!

I hope that you'll go over and sign up to read HOMEBOUND and visit the other bloggers who participated as well.

Have a great week everyone...

March 16, 2012

Romantic Vintage...A Few New Items In The Shop

Hello everyone....wishing you a lovely weekend ahead! Mine is going to be spent organizing my business paperwork from last year to get the accountant and get the taxes done. I'd rather eat dirt!

Here are a few of the new items were added to the shop today....and more will be coming soon.....

March 7, 2012

Turn Ons....Romantic Homes Magazine Piece

Well hello everyone...I've just got a minute, but wanted to share a little bit of news from my end of the world with you today!

Turn Ons....
I've been working in my studio....and just finished this latest Mason Jar Chandelier for a client this afternoon. It's going to be hanging in a store....oh Anthro, where are you? You need these and could sell them for a gazillion more than I do for sure!
Speaking of lighting designs...I was asked to contribute a piece to Romantic Homes magazine awhile ago on my lighting, and this article is in the new April edition that is just now hitting the shelves or your mailbox if you subscribe. I put the article together (styled, photographed & wrote) but did NOT pick the title! A little sexy for my lighting creations...don't you think?!
And lastly...good things have been coming my way lately and I got to work with these 3 very creative and talented guys this week. More on that later:-)
Thank you for following along with me....I'm going to leave you today with an outdoor shot that I took a couple of days ago at our home to bring sweet thoughts of SPRING your way~

March 1, 2012

Feeling The Love In Texas....

Graffiti....seen on a wall in Austin
Feeling the love.
I celebrated an older than dirt birthday a few days ago and what more did I want then to be with my little family. It was the best gift that I could ask for, since we don't get to spend enough time together these days...