May Day Vintage Millinery Crown Tutorial

I have collected vintage millinery for a long time and have a huge stash!

For this easy project you will need:
A vintage hat that has a "crown" type of structure...turn the hat over to see.
You can also form something similar with pipe cleaners if you have the time.

Additional assorted millinery or new flowers found at the craft store (I've
used vintage exclusively in this project)

Tulle, marabou, feathers, rhinestones and other decorative bits and bobs. Hot glue gun, wire snips.

Start by pulling all of the millinery off your hat.

This can sometimes be tricky as the milliner's glue hardens over time, so use care and small embroidery scissors when necessary.
Turn the hat form base upside down once you've pulled off the flowers and fit it like a crown to your head. Snip the back part of the form (usually wire covered in felt) with your wire snips to make two parts on the back that will have your ribbon ties.

Once the form appears to fit like a crown, hot glue your flowers etc into place as you like. Be sure to keep checking to see how it looks on your head as you work. When you are satisfied with the look, cut long enough strands of ribbon to wrap on the back structure of the crown to tie it to your head. Be generous with the looks best when flowing down! Make sure to cover any sharp ends from cutting the wire with the ribbon and affix in place with a dab of hot glue.

Now it's time to have fun and wear...

Or arrange on a tabletop in your Spring displays!

If you aren't feeling particularly crafty, I have a couple of these lovely crowns available in the shop...


Susie said...

Your pretty hats would be fun to wear and have a tea party on the lawn. xoxo,Susie

Bella said...

Happy May Day...
Love the crowns, so shabby beautiful:-) I have making these on my summer list, I just need to find millinery flowers!

Julie Marie said...

Those are so beautiful Janet!... I am going to try to make one (try!)... Happy May Day to you and your precious new pups!... xoxo Julie Marie (Tessy says woof!)

Susan said...

Oh this is so pretty! I may try to make one. I still have to make some lace flowers I found on another blog spot. So many ideas, so little time.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

They are all so precious!

Anne said...

Gorgeous Janet! Thank you so much for sharing this!

martinealison said...

Une bien belle publication... Des idées fabuleuses et très séduisantes.
Vos photos apportent également une belle note.
Gros bisous

DJAjewels said...

What a beautiful crown! Also checked out your studio ... more beautiful crowns there as well! LOL.


Alicja said...

Sooooo beautiful!!!! Soooooo pretty!!!!!!!!
Have a nice weekend!

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