Macrame Wall Hangings...Romantic Style

Whatever I design has got to have something vintage....whether it's a chandelier, a throw or in these latest items that I've been working on....wall hangings...


I was inspired by some of my favorite places to shop like Free People, Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture and Anthro, and a bit of the current boho trend of Dream Catchers that dates back to the Native Americans. 

This project started because I've been wanting to dip my toes back into the macrame waters....which I used to do quite heavily back in the day, taught it to my students, and once made an entire room divider using macrame techniques!

At the moment I had no cord available, so for these I used fabric scraps in pastel tones. They were started on embroidery hoops that I had lying around the studio and went from there. Vintage tulle, vintage millinery, hand made ribbon roses, beads..etc were used to embellish. 
I don't think that you could really call them "dream catchers", since I purposefully did not weave in the middle...preferring to do in "my style". They are long and lush and lots of detail...I think that they really make a grand statement of romance when they are hung...

UPDATE: These are now SOLD...