Monday.....Real Life...Peace, Photoshoots and Puppies

Just coming off a nice weekend relaxing with the family, which is a rare occasion since the kids are now grown and have lives of their own. 

A typical Monday of catch up today with first on the agenda being packing orders to go out. Then a variety of other things to work on, including this Peace Sign "Dreamcatcher" of sorts...although there is no weaving per se in the center to catch dreams. I've used faded blue fabrics, vintage millinery and sea shell garland on this one (SOLD) that is going to a beach home, and hope to do more and offer on the WEBSITE shortly...
Not unusual for me to offer a Peace Sign....this was me, back in college art
student hippie days (lol!)

I'm offering our linens at wholesale now and worked on a photoshoot for a client's catalog today who will be selling our ruffle throws...
And finally...while I was shooting the throws I took a couple of quick shots of our darling pups that are now 6 months old!
Keep our boy Bartley in your thoughts and prayers, as he's going in for neutering surgery on Wednesday and has a bit of a complication~so hopefully all will go smoothly...


Michaela Staňková said...

Love love love your idea!!!Its so beautiful ♥
And your dogs is soooo sweet!

Pura Vida said...

Janet you are beyond talented!

Jaidyn Pearl said...

Hi Janet!

Love the throws, so beautiful and good luck and healing wishes to Bartley!!!


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