FREE.....DIY Giant Oversized Christmas Wreath

Who doesn't love FREE...especially in these days of heavy DIY! This is a ginormous wreath that I made for the cost of nothing last year and it's so easy to do.

We have had the mirror over the mantel in our living room for many years now. As oversized as it is, it calls for a super large wreath to be in scale for the holidays. To purchase something this large would be likely well over $100, so I decided to come up with something by using what I had or could get for free.

I crafted this massive wreath by using free greenery clippings, leftover stems of eucalyptus, a handful of vintage ornaments and some pine cones. Simple and elegant and could be used in any decor from farmhouse to French country.

I have a shoot of my home in the current edition of Flea Market Decor magazine that has this easy tutorial, and sharing it here as well for you...


What You'll Need:

  • Fresh tree clippings
  • Green floral wire
  • Florist gloves
  • Eucalyptus leaves
  • Pinecones
  • Faux snow
  • Mercury glass ball ornaments

What You'll Do:

1. Gather fresh tree clippings. Try going to a Christmas tree lot and asking for the toss aways. I did and they looked at me as if I had three heads, but were happy to oblige:-)).
2. Fashion your clippings into a wreath shape by forming a loose circle. As you work along the circle, tie green florist wire to hold each piece of greenery into place. It's best to work outdoors if possible since it's messy and to wear florist gloves. 
3. Decorate with a few sprigs of eucalyptus for extra scent and pinecones. You can either hot gluing or attach as necessary with floral wire. 
4. Spray the wreath with a light dusting of faux snow.
5. Add a few pops of color with vintage (or new) mercury glass ornaments.
6. Wrap some floral wire on the back to form a loop, and your wreath is ready to hang!

My wreath cost nothing and certainly you would not have to spend much to create one similar. Let me know how it goes!


Pura Vida said...

This is fantastic..thanks for sharing!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Thanks so much for sharing this post. I love the wreath - you did a fabulous job on the wreath and it looks so good on the mirror.
Have a super week.

martinealison said...

Une très jolie publication...
Gros bisous

Anne said...

Absolutely beautiful Janet!

Rosemary said...

...just beautiful Janet!
now...for the rest of that gorgeous room!!!!!
sooooo lovely :)
xo, Rosemary

Amy Chalmers said...

Gorgeous wreath and nice to have an easy tutorial. Thx and well done!

captiveinflorida said...

Beautiful. What kind of clippings are the ones that look like feathers?

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