How To Create A Faux Snow Vignette....That Smells Fabulous

holiday snow globe with epsom salts

As a dedicated vintage Christmas decor hoarder that has attended one too many flea markets and tag sales over the years I have too much stuff. I'm always looking for ways...
to display at least some of my treasured pieces without cluttering up too much and still retaining the elegant look that I love. 

This is something that you've seen before I'm sure...and I've been doing for years now with a little twist. Creating faux snow that smells good to boot!

You will need:
Glass jars suited to the size of what you are planning to display. I love apothecary jars and Mason jars.
A variety of collectible pieces to add to those jars to create your mini vignette.
Epsom salt
Faux snow

epsom salts to make a snow globe

My "twist" is the Dr Teal's Epsom Salt with the lavender scent. It's a bit more pricey than the other generic epsom salts, but the smell is heavenly and they do have other scents as well.

faux snow for Christmas

The mixing proportion that I like is about 80% faux snow and 20% epsom salt. The salt gives weight and will grab your collectibles to hold in place better than if you just use snow solo. 

faux snow globe

Large apothecary with a vintage German glass tree topper. There are only so many that you can use on a tree, but I have several and want to put them out for display.

vintage christmas vignette

The dining room buffet, which will change every few days over the holidays!

pink mason jar

I have displayed a vintage plastic reindeer in this jar, along with a mini bottle brush tree and some bits of broken off vintage mercury glass beaded strands. Although the jar is new, the lid is old and I added some glitter to the top.

I painted a bunch of jars last Valentine's Day using the simple method of Modge Podge with a few drops of red food coloring mixed in. See more about that post HERE

pink mason jars

Fun and easy!