Revisting....$99 Spare Room......Romantic Shabby Chic Style

I hope that you have been enjoying my revisits of some popular posts on the blog! This one will show how I was able to carve a corner for a visiting guest in the living room.

I made a little room within a room by temporarily dividing off a section, carved out with our sweet girl in mind. I put up my photography backdrop screen on one side, and one of my clothing racks (left over from the days that I used to do shows) on another.

What looks like barn board siding is a roll up screen. On the clothing rack is a white sheet that is clamped on. I left the "room" open on one side so that she can get in (obviously!) and the other side is against the wall. When I took this photo I wasn't quite finished with the outside...looks better now:-)

Then I went to work making it a little cottage haven.

Soft pillows with faded fabrics.

I added some more ruffled white sheets loosely draped inside the room for more privacy and because they look pretty!

A tiny vintage Florentine table for her with some pretty pink roses.

Oh yeah....the $99 part? This is an Aerobed that I bought and it's REALLY comfy! Everything else was found and scrounged in my stash of stuff. If you don't have stuff....ask your friends, someone will!

She was a ballet dancer who went to a special high school for dance and although is working at a different sort of job now, still loves I themed "her room" around it.

Soft place to land her feet with a vintage rug and some favorite magazines.

A pair of her old pointe shoes and a couple of white paper poms I just poked through the sheets for a sweet touch.

A yummy fringed throw for lounging, and some dried roses.

The nitty gritty.....rolling rack. You can find these inexpensively these days so be on the lookout at yard sales and such. I use mine so often for many things.

You may not want a photographers backdrop, but mine sure comes in handy. NEED some in your workroom and/garage, and can be found at Lowes/Home Depot, Amazon, or any hardware store.

A bunch of magazines....I love InStyle and anything to do with interior design.

Stick~um or earthquake putty are great for hanging things up temporarily or holding in place.
I hung the ballet painting up in "her room" with it, since it's only for a few days...

Something to think about if you need a spare room and don't have one....