Serendipity From The Studio...Antique Lace For A Wedding

Lately I've had the bug to sew using my huge crate full of antique lace that has been sitting in my studio calling softly. Most of the lace was found on various brocante hunts in France and I have had this project in my head for sometime now.


I purposefully left my sewing machine out in plain sight all of last week and began tediously and lovingly selecting, cutting and pinning pieces of this precious coveted lace.

Salvaged from garments, old bedspreads and unused trims on cards.


Much of it is French...some of it victorian Americana. In my vision I could see this used at a modern day wedding.





It's been made into a throw...or tablecloth and is delightfully ethereal with it's wispy lace.


And with no particular client in mind, it has been sold and is on it's way to a wedding in just a couple of days. A serendipitous piece from the studio.


Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Coveted lace indeed! You've got quite a beautiful selection of brocante lace, Janet. I'm adoring all it's detail, color and softness. Sigh....I'm sure the recipient of your creation is delighted.
Thanks so much for your kind comment on my Santos doll tutorial. Hope you try one, too, some day! I've always loved your Santos repros.

martinealison said...


Un très joli billet avec ces merveilleuses vieilles dentelles...
Je suis d'une ville, le Puy-en-Velay dans la Haute-Loire où la dentelle a eu son essor... La dentelle du Puy-en-Velay est célèbre pour son point Cluny.

Un gros bisous à vous et merci pour ces très jolies photos.

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