Simple Holiday Mannequin Idea And A New Chandelier

This weekend turned out to be a working one, as my husband could not get away to go to the beach house with the end of 2013 looming, and frankly I have orders to finish up as well. We have both worked with our own businesses for a very long time now...certainly a blessing and a curse because you are always expected to be on call even though we are not physicians!

For the most part I finished up the festive decor around the house and decided to add some vintage ornaments to one of my antique mannequins who "lives" in our bedroom. 

A new teacup chandelier finished for a client who recently moved and this will be her third one of ours. Happy about that and love our repeat clients:-))

The chandelier was completely transformed with a vintage base, vintage tea cups and saucers and an exquisite chocolate pot that was hand painted by our website porcelain artist Farnaz. 
The fixture was painted by hand, in several layers of colors and shading. The first coat of white was applied with some extra primer that I had around the workroom mixed with Poppies Famous Repurposing Paint Powder that I was given to sample. Mix it in with any paint to have that chalky feel and look for a lot less than the cost of some of the chalk paints on the market.

For more of Farnaz's artistically hand painted can contact us at any time or look for some of her made to order pieces on the website.