How To Hide That Ugly TV!

How to hide a television ideas for your home

Today's post is a quick one and yet hopefully will give you some inspiration on hiding that ugly TV. We all have them.
and obviously whoever designs them is a man, because if I had my hands on designing one I'd sure make the actual television pretty:-)).

How To Hide That Ugly TV

The first idea comes from a lovely homeowner whose house I had the pleasure of shooting and it's now in the February issue of Romantic Homes magazine. Be sure to pick that up....I'm going to do another blog post soon on Doreen's home with some out takes, but meanwhile you'll want to see the piece in print!

diy hiding a television ideas

Doreen's Florida home has a big great room with an open concept and no designated family room, so the television is in the living so many of you most likely. She and her husband took a standard wall unit that houses the tv, and made this board out of wood with appliques that she added for interest. When not in use the board simply sits on the cabinet and hides the dark monster. Brilliant! You can do this and it shouldn't be a difficult project! I LOVE how she hided that UGLY TV.

And then we have this clever idea, from homeowner Drena Bathemess whose home I have shot for publication as well (more on that later:-) with the same in living room. It isn't completely hidden but it sure looks a lot prettier with a vintage frame that Drena painted and distressed as a surround.

tv televisions how to hide them
So there you have it and you can do your own take with your style. How would YOU hide that ugly TV?