How To Hide That Ugly TV!

How to hide a television ideas for your home

Today's post is a quick one and yet hopefully will give you some inspiration on hiding that ugly TV. We all have them.
and obviously whoever designs them is a man, because if I had my hands on designing one I'd sure make the actual television pretty:-)).

The first idea comes from a lovely homeowner whose house I had the pleasure of shooting and it's now in the February issue of Romantic Homes magazine. Be sure to pick that up....I'm going to do another blog post soon on Doreen's home with some out takes, but meanwhile you'll want to see the piece in print!

diy hiding a television ideas

Doreen's Florida home has a big great room with an open concept and no designated family room, so the television is in the living so many of you most likely. She and her husband took a standard wall unit that houses the tv, and made this board out of wood with appliques that she added for interest. When not in use the board simply sits on the cabinet and hides the dark monster. Brilliant! You can do this and it shouldn't be a difficult project!

And then we have this clever idea, from homeowner Drena Bathemess whose home I have shot for publication as well (more on that later:-) with the same in living room. It isn't completely hidden but it sure looks a lot prettier with a vintage frame that Drena painted and distressed as a surround.

So there you have it and you can do your own take with your style.


Michaela Buranova said...

What a great idea! It looks so beautiful. Idea with TV in frame is perfect, too. Have a nice days, xoxo Michaella

Michaela Staňková said...

Great idea dear-now looks very beautiful-love it!!!
Have a nice day!!

Gee Singh Newbanks said...

both are wonderful ideas Janet. I too am not w fan of the big black box in my living room.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Happy today.

Art and Sand said...

After 14 years with no television, the kids bought dad one for his birthday. It has to go in the living room and I hate looking at it. Thanks for some ideas on how to hide it.

Drena Bathemess said...

Thanks for sharing my home, Janet. My framed tv is one of the things that I receive the most compliments on. It can also work with other home decorating styles (my best friend has a more modern decor but she framed her tv, above the fireplace, to help it blend better.) I am working on putting a roll down piece of canvas that will make it look like a painting (instead of a big black spot) when it is not on.

Victoria said...

Oh my goodness gracious...those are both amazing!!! Since we live in a rental apartment, I'm pretty much stuck in having the t.v. out in the open! I'm trying to lure my husband into hanging it on the wall but, as renters, he's leery of doing that! Someday:)

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Thanks so much for the ideas. I hate the look of them when they are not hidden.
Have a great weekend.

Heaven's Walk said...

Love these ideas, Janet! We have our TV in a vintage wardrobe armoire that we gutted and made into a TV armoire. I can shut the doors when we're not watching TV and it looks so pretty in our living room! :)

xoxo laurie

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I love the frame idea--now to find the right size frame! I have my fingers crossed I win your contest :)

Dana - said...

Beautiful blog! I've followed you for awhile and am always inspired by the beauty you share. Today, found you through Where Women Create. I'll make certain I follow your other social media, too.

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

Very pretty ideas for hiding an ugly, modern-looking tv in a vintage home.

Alison Agnew said...

i agree
that the tvs always present
a design dilemma

and that frame idea
makes a huge difference!

Fridays Unfolded is back
and i would love for you
to stop by and share!

Nancherrow (formerly Stuff and Nonsense)

toves sammensurium said...

So easy,great ideas to get rid of the hiddious problem we women hate(Well,unless there are decorating and interior shows on,lol)!
I hide my tv in a huge cabinet,only opens at night.
Tove :)

Kristin_Texas said...

FINALLY! Someone who understands one of my top 5 pet peeves.

My family thinks I'm crazy for how intensely I loathe seeing computers, tv's and cords in a room so this post makes me feel like I've had a sweet dose of revenge. ;o)


June said...

I love these ideas Janet! I sure wish you were the designated television and media decorator and add to that the inside of camp trailers and motorhomes. The interiors are awful and I would definitely buy one if designed by you. Think about it :)))))))

Thank you so much Janet for your sweet comment you left for me. You made my whole day. I think it was so lovely of you to bless me with it.
hugs from here...

Jann Olson said...

Oh, I love that first idea! I have my t.v. on a cabinet in my open great room and have wanted to do something like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

Shannon Fox said...

Such pretty rooms... what TV? ;)

Carrie said...

You could make your own frame with polyurethane mouldings from Home Depot. You just cut them to make a frame to fit your TV and glue them together with some extra bracing for good measure. Then you could make a hook type thing at the top or a piece of velcro then goes all around the back from the top to the bottom.

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