January 27, 2014

Journey Of A Master Bedroom Renovation...Part One

Master Bedroom...as of yesterday
Pretty....eh? Well then, let me apologize in advance that not every image
is going to be a particularly pretty on this post for a couple of reasons. But first...one more pretty:
French style..with a bit of shabby chic
Reason #1...I sent off my camera and a couple of my favorite lenses to Canon for much needed cleaning & they are taking FOREVER to return them. For the last couple of weeks I have had only had my iPhone for photos...and while it's pretty good for what it is...definitely not the quality of the big guns stuff.
Reason #2...this is about renovation in it's beginning stages, which is never pretty! 

Reason #3...some of these images are scanned from old photos...hah!

Let's get started then...
We are FINALLY replacing our master bedroom suite flooring, after having the same ugly but functional TILE floor for over 20 years. Tile in a bedroom you say? Well....I said the same thing, but when we did the large addition to our home way back then my husband insisted on no hardwood flooring. He is a builder and in some things I have no say so...but in other's I do~like the decor. It's a trade off for sure and a compromise, and maybe why we've been together for so long....just sayin':-))

We have owned this home (that was built in 1962) for 24 yrs. Love it...a great house, neighborhood and property, but you work with what you have and of course follow your own level of budget. We lived here just a short time when Hurricane Andrew struck. It was pretty devastating....horrible, awful..and we were in our home with the then very young kids and the dog enduring a night from Hell that I would not want to go through again...
This is what we saw looking out of our windows...the morning after
Moving along...going forward, lemonade out of lemons and the sun came out once again. We were able to rebuild our lives and our home and sparing the details~make it better. I have no "before" pics of the master to show you, because we were able to build it on as part of a big addition...doubling the size of our home...
After...showing the tile floor. Taken in 1992
Our furniture was all either hand me downs or whatever we could get at the time, as we lost it all in the storm...
Yesterday...looks like we are moving...maybe in a few years (we hope:-))
Taken today...stripped bare, except for the tile...
Sorry for the crappy iPhone shots, but taken to document...
It's a big room with great light...we look out to the pool on one side and our property on the back with a bay window...
Tear out has begun and it's being done by one of my husband's guys that work with him. This room is big...about 450 square feet, so it's going to take all day at least. Thank goodness my office is on the opposite side of the house...and for Pandora music!

We are planning on doing the new flooring ourselves and going to go with the snap together hardwood floors. Still haven't bought it yet...and suggestions are most welcomed here! #weneedhardwoodflooring LOL!!



  1. A big job ahead but for the better! Have fun and good luck1

  2. It is going to be so wonderful when you are done. My daughter/sil are looking at the engineered wood floorings right now and deciding between that and regular hardwood. Big decisions. Good luck-xo Diana

  3. Luv change!!! Can't wait for the reveal :)
    We went with the snap together hardwood. It was pretty easy to instal really. It was great. Admired by all who entered the home and a breeze to clean . Then we got a pup... hahahahahahaa.. 3 years ago we entered the world of dog ownership and well, the wood is in need of refinishing as he's a pretty big boy. Chocolate lab. But, i still luv the floor, scratches and all. We went with brazilian tigerwood.

  4. Looks like a big job, but I'm sure will be worth it in the end. Can't wait to see it all put back together:-)

    I can't even imagine going through a hurricane and losing so much.


  5. Janet, you turn everything you touch into pure BEAUTY!!! This will be no exception!!! Wishing you luck and Xoxo!!! ~ Jillian

  6. I still shudder when I think of you & your family enduring that!!
    Of course you will make your bedroom BEAUTIFUL..& I sure wish I had the gorgeous pool view right now!Its 23* here in OK with a wind chill of 10:( Maybe send me a shot so I can put on my window..lol..Cant wait to see sweets!
    Love & Hugs..
    Deb:) xoxoxo

  7. Hi! I know all the work and effort will be worth it! My husband and I have done something similar before. We had a room with half carpet, which it was the easier part to rip off and tiles, which looked just about yours on the picture. We didn't use the snap type of hardwood, but decided to go with the floating flooring type of thing that we got from Home Depot. Although this wasn't an easy job, it turned out better than we had expected. Good luck on your project! Can't wait to see how turns out! Sincerely ~ Vanessa

  8. Janet, this will be wonderful when you are finished! We had stone in our home, in Florida, and it was so hard on our legs. You'll love the hardwood! It's so easy to maintain, easy on your legs and pretty! I know this is a big job, but I know you'll love the results! So sorry about your loss with Andrew! I can only imagine the horror of this storm.

  9. Wow! Andrew really did a number on your house! Took out the entire lanai and all that beautiful landscaping along the back but hey, all the chair cushions are still on the lounge chairs LOL! I'm glad you're getting an update to your flooring. While tile is not unheard of in Florida, I'm sure you'll like the hardwoods much better. I've seen some that looks almost like weathered boards in a pale grey - really pretty especially with the light décor of your room. I really have no idea what to suggest however as I haven't been floor shopping in ages. I will soon though to get rid of the nasty carpet in our bathroom - yes, carpet in the bathroom! Ugh I hate it! Have fun with the changes! Hugs, Leena

  10. I can't wait for the reveal of this beautiful space.
    I too was in Hurricane Andrew living in Kendall and still living in the same house. I know you felt.