January 12, 2014

Romantic & Elegant Styling Tips And Seasonal Changes....January Living Room

shabbyfufu January 2014 Living Room
The Elegant January Living Room
I feel so behind after being on vacation over the holidays and then not feeling quite up to par for several days this week with allergies and migraines. FINALLY all of the Christmas decor is safely stashed, the house relatively clean and I've been able to do a bit of styling down to simple elegance. Let's start with the living room...and the dining room will be on another post soon...
NOT PRETTY! It's true that I have some neat stuff accumulated over the years, so I guess in actuality it's pretty even when all shoved into the middle of the room to vacuum:-). This is how I style though...and my tip to you would be to take all accessories down when styling and move the furniture if possible to get cleaning under the nooks and crannies and think about rearranging for a fresh look...
shabbyfufu living room mantel
A favorite statue...out of the bathroom and onto the living room mantel
shabbyfufu blog living room Jan 2014
Old as the hills patio piece refashioned into a table with an old window. I have another idea to try with this window...will share that soon:-)
After cleaning up I decided to move the pink bench that I'd been using as a coffee table to the front entryway (not shown) and bring in this old rusty iron base that I've used before and was rusting (gaining patina:-) even more outside against the house. I topped it with an old window that we removed from an old "Florida cracker" cottage in our family business of contracting...
Love my old French gates:-))
Moving around flowers a bit...see the difference?
My colors are pale...but the flowers don't have to be
I was growing weary eyed of the two windows hanging on either side of the mantel and took them down for later use. Then I moved the old French iron gates to either side. Another lucky score years back from a client who asked to have them removed. Yes, I have my husband trained to bring these things home...
Shabbyfufu.blogspot.com living room
Simple accessories. Toned down = elegance
Play with your accessories when styling. I always change things around during the process, adding...stepping back to look and removing. I have learned over the years that patience is a virtue and less is more when it comes to elegant design...
shabbyfufu blog living room Jan 2014
shabbyfufu blog living room Jan 2014
shabbyfufu blog living room Jan 2014
Beautiful stock...
Stay tuned for the dining room restyling and a couple more tips with that post...and if you haven't yet entered the GIVEAWAY, you can find out more about that HERE...

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  1. Oh my gosh, Janet...I need you to eyeball my living room and refresh it for me! Yours is just gorgeous!! You truly have a stylist's artistic creative eye, girl. Love what you've done so far. The touch of pink here and there is just exquisite. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  2. Haven't seen the nesting tables, I've coveted for years, did they move to another room? My favorites.

  3. Janet your room is beautiful.So cool and inviting. Love the rusty table.

  4. One of the things I like about removing all of the Christmas decor is to refresh everything.

    I just bought a new piece of furniture for the living room and am looking forward for some "movin' and shakin' around the house.

    Your living room looks wonderful.

  5. Hello Janet... I am just sighing over your room... so beautiful!... love those gates and your pink Stock and Roses look just stunning!... I want to live in that room... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. New look is BEAUTIFUL,you have amazing home Janet,I admire you!!!
    Have a nice week!xoxo

  7. I love your lounge room.. I love your style! take care, Maryann

  8. I love the table,wonderfull idea!
    Greetings from Germany

  9. my living room is my spring project to get me through February!

  10. Hi Janet,
    Simply stunning... the gates are fabulous, lucky you to have a husband to bring home such goodies! The stocks must smell divine, Mmmmmm...

  11. Love, love, love everything about this room, but my all time favorite are those gates.....wow! Those are awesome!

    You certainly do have the eye for decorating and take the most beautiful photos:-)