February 24, 2014

Working Backwards...Master Bedroom Renovation and Restyling

I'm working backwards here today...so bear with me and I hope that you enjoy the photos of our master bedroom renovation that I shot on this gorgeous Florida morning...

After fifteen years of this home addition master suite and the tile flooring that I never wanted to begin with, I'm happy as a clam that we were able to reno and update the room to my vision...
I believe that a bedroom should be a retreat and a place to get away and relax and rejuvenate with a good night's sleep...
A place with no clutter and soothing color...
A few touches of special mementoes... 
A place to reflect in calm. Clutter free, but a few more touches will be added...
Faded colors, beloved antiques...
Lots of light, both natural and by glow of chandeliers, lights and candles...
Chippy paint, florals and scant feminine bits that he doesn't mind...
Zen and connected to nature...soft and nothing too over the top...
Working backwards and will share more in my next post about the finishes and the process...


  1. Oh my gosh, Janet...it's looking soooo beautiful! You have truly captured serene, calm, restful, and feminine. I just love your style! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  2. Serene , lush and beckoning to sink right in all at the same time!!! Just BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Enjoy, you deserve it sweet Janet! xo

  3. Aaaaawwweee!!. How beautiful is this?? It evokes so much.. beauty, serenity, feminine... all at the same time. Show me more please!

  4. Fabulous! Not only your bedroom is looking fantastic, but you still get a wonderful view out of your window. xo Vanessa

  5. Oh it's just beautiful! I love the soft colour scheme - it looks very peaceful and lovely. I hope you're having a wonderful week!

  6. Lovely Janet! Can you explain that no clutter part to my husband? Xoxo

  7. AMAZING, dear Janet! I just love your photos, they are so beautiful! Have a lovely days, xoxo

  8. Beautiful floors! Would you mind sharing the brand and color?


  9. Looove your floor!!!You have one of beautiful bedroom what I see!!!!!!!
    Have a nice week Janet!!

  10. So very beautiful and calm. Love the ruffles.

    Hugs from here

  11. One of my favorite Shabby Chic designers!

  12. One of my favorite Shabby Chic designers!

  13. You are so talented--I love to see what you do! Your home is amazing.

  14. Janet so pretty. I agree your bedroom should be your sanctuary where you go for peace, and relaxation. You hit it out of the park on this one. Just Gorgeous.

  15. Thank you Janet, for taking the time to visit me and gracing my comment list with your beautiful words.

    Again, your room of masterfully put together with all it's newness I am sure has captured a new found love in you.
    How exciting it is for you to be able to feel this sense of new in designing around. And the vibe your photos will take on.

    Is the floor by allure, traffic plank flooring? And the colour is divine.

    Thank you much for sharing the beauty you create.


  16. It looks just luscious in your bedroom, Wow! Beautiful, i love the whitewashed chandy, and your heavenly linens. I can't wait to see the process!