Cottage Style Magazine Spring 2014 and The Scoop On The Flooring Project

I'm excited for this new week ahead with lots of website work going on as well as installing hardwood flooring in our home! Keep reading for tips on how to install hardwood flooring yourself.

Once again I'm pleased to share with you that our home has been featured in the BEAUTIFUL Cottage Style magazine that is put out by Meredith publishing....the Better Homes & Gardens folks.
This issue might look familiar, as it's the second printing and back by popular if you didn't grab a copy the first time around be sure to do so now. Lots of inspiration and ideas for Spring that will bring a smile for sure...and one of my favorite decor colors of aqua seems to be a common theme.

On to a few bits that I promised to share about our bedroom remodel.

This was pretty much a DIY for us, but that being said...unless you have power saws, some knowledge of how to cut angles and a decent back and set of might wish to rethink or hire out.

My husband did most of the work and being with him for so long I know to mostly stay out of the way:-))

Probably the hardest part was the dressing room area, with lots of cuts. We each have a walk-in closet and all of the built-in units had to be removed. Living with our clothing on rolling racks for three weeks wasn't fun, but it did give me the opportunity to declutter and give away some clothing and shoes that don't see much use.

Jigsaw, chopsaw, angles, t-square, drills...he has all of these tools and knows how to power use them like nobody's business.

We used engineered bamboo flooring from The Home Depot's Home Legend line. It does not look like the old bamboo flooring that first came would never even know that it indeed has a top layer of hand scraped and distressed bamboo that is laminated onto a bottom layer (I believe it to be plywood) and it clips together and lays without gluing.

The red rolls are the underlayment that is put down first and provides sealing from the concrete floor below.

The process from start to finish took about three weeks, since we (HE:-) had limited daylight hours to work, mostly just on weekends.

Back breaking work followed by sleeping on a mattress on the floor and we are SO glad that it's finished!

how to install hardwood flooring yourself
  • Special order flooring may take longer than flooring in-stock, so be prepared to wait. What was supposed to arrive in 5 business days did not and two boxes of planks came damaged, so that really slowed us down. I love the rustic look of this floor and didn't find it elsewhere, so it was worth waiting for.
  • There will be outgassing, so if you are sensitive (as I am) you might want to find another room to sleep in if possible during and for a few days after the process. We tried to time this during winter, when here in So Florida we could have the windows open to release some smell.
  • If you are repainting the room, do that first, which we did. All of our home is painted in the same color of Benjamin Moore White Dove, which is a white that has the slightest lean towards grey.