Collecting Series...How To Display With Vintage Birdcages In Your Home

vintage birdcage with flowers

Collections...we all have them and I'm guilty of having probably a few too many that I've amassed over the years. Just ask my husband (insert: eye roll:-)... 
One of my favorite items to collect are vintage birdcages, and in this post I will share a few ways that I like to use them...

vintage birdcage displays

A favorite old round birdcage that is on the mantel with a vintage Mason jar that holds some dry roses. I use this one quite a bit on the mantel...and for another post about bird cages you can visit THIS POST with an image from it below.

trophy cup with flowers

This vintage green Hendryx is another cage that I've had for a long time and often have it filled with silk flowers.

vintage birdcage spring

We have lots of potted plants that love our outside gardens and patios, and it's easy to just tuck a succulent in and watch it thrive.

succulent display vintage birdcage

Vintage birdcages can truly be art pieces for the collector simply on their own merit of form and color.

aqua birdcage

This birdcage provides the perfect amount of protection from the elements for the pillar candles inside that we light up when dining in the evening out doors.

vintage white birdcage
vintage birdcage display ideas