Collecting Series...Using Mason Jars In Your Home

Mason jars. Not originally intended for floral display, rather as canning jars used to preserve the season's bounty.

mason jar with lisianthus

In recent years they have gained in popularity for use in crafts, weddings and for floral display.

With all of the Mason jar chandeliers that we create in the shop...I always have a good supply around.

mason jar chandelier

For my weekly floral arranging these jars are the perfect size.

mason jars with pink roses

Perfect for any season.

mason jars for christmas with peonies

They can be found quite easily in various sizes and colors. I prefer the vintage Mason jars, or Ball jars. There are now reproductions on the market as well.

vintage jar with lisianthus

Not limiting my floral display to Masons that are sometimes not large enough, I often style flowers in pickle jars that I keep on hand. Above is an antique French pickling jar that I purchase many years ago at a flea market. I love it's nice large size for those taller arrangements.

florida wisteria

The jar above is a new pickle jar that I painted in a lavender color by using food coloring.

vintage ball jar beach table

Not to be overlooked for entertaining...a vintage Mason jar set on a beach themed table filled with bits of collected beach glass and flatware.

What do you use Mason jars for?