Sea Shell Collecting...Crafting...Creating

Although it's only Spring, I'm up at our beach house for a few days and posting some sea shell inspiration on the blog today. Thinking ahead towards summer, perhaps you might try a few of...

seashell planter

 these ideas for future use as projects in your own home.

vintage shell box

 Sea shells are free courtesy of Mother Nature, and most of us have a stash left from those family trips taken over the years.

seashell box sailors valentine

 I collect vintage sea shell vases and boxes, but have also made some of my own. A little bit of Gorilla Glue, or clear latex caulk are my favorite ways to adhere to just about any surface. I've found that although hot glue can be used, it doesn't seem to be as permanent in shell application.

vintage shell containters

shell vase beach coastal

Add some watered down acrylic craft paint to a snippet of shells.

shell covered mermaid

Take a vintage (or new) bust and repurpose her into a mermaid.

seashell girl figurine

This vintage mermaid is a favorite...I have used her as inspiration to do some similar pieces.

seashell sconce

A simple abalone shell that I glued onto a vintage candle sconce (one of two) that flank a mirror.

aqua seafan wall art

A sea fan that I painted with some aqua paint, put over burlap and framed under glass in a vintage frame.

shell garland

Seashell craft ideas to try

Enjoy your weekend!