Summer Glitz In Five...Quick DIY

It's no secret that I love a bit of glitz, and if you read the post about my Sanibel Island condo design project (find that HERE) then check this quick FIVE MINUTE DIY. 
You'll be adding a bit of glitz to your summer decor for simply the cost of a can of paint!


I scoured the beach for a bunch of sea shells on Sanibel Island. Did you know that Sanibel Island is the shelling capitol of the world? 

sanibel island condo

I took all of the yucky Early American handles off the furniture that I painted.


This condo will be getting a modern style update, and since the largest chunk of the budget is going towards new flooring and upholstered furniture, there isn't much left for vignette decor items to be had. A can of Krylon Sterling Silver paint to the rescue.


A quick spritz on a bowl full of seashells for glitz! Be sure to wear gloves unless you want sterling hands and work outside as it does have fumes.


A big impact on the handles and I can't wait to go back soon for more updates to share.


Those quick five minute projects can often bring large improvement, so look around and see what you have to update.
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