August 9, 2014

Weekend Florals...Color Pops and Collecting McCoy Pottery

 With a rare weekend home and celebrations to give and attend upcoming, I stocked up at my favorite local florist shop. Summers are slow for them so they have reduced prices, allowing me to indulge...

A long time ongoing love affair with vintage 1940's era American pottery such as these marked McCoy pieces are perfect for showing off greenery and blossoms...

Most of these pieces were found locally here in the Miami area back when I used to hit the garage sales and pickings were still good. They are harder to find nowadays and certainly not for the few dollars that I paid per piece in times past...
I relish, enjoy and use all that I have in my home. A full set of Homer Laughlin Orange Tree bowls are up there in some of my favorite all time tag sale finds...

We utilize several for holding fruit in the kitchen. What a great color pop!
They display nicely when not in use, as these larger bowls that I use for mixing. Color pops are everything in my all white home!..
One of our newest Mason jar chandeliers has been sent out to it's new home this past week. This weekend I'll be working on a couple more as well as another exciting project that I'll share soon...

Enjoy your weekend!
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  1. What a luscious collection! Gorgeous color. Especially with the flowers you chose. Enjoy your celebrations!

  2. I see very little McCoy pottery these days, but I don't when I've seen blue. I'd love to have some of that myself. Pretty, so pretty!

  3. Janet I really love the soft blues and greens. They are so pleasant to look at. You did a great job on the guest room.
    It's all LOVERLY! Jo