A 5 Minute Junky Table...Reclaimed And Repurposed

The weekend was a busy one in our home, filled with lots of organizing...among other things. We've been downsizing our stuff and my SUV
is stuffed to capacity for donation drop off this morning. In cleaning out the shed I found something that got me thinking of a quick project... 

Like...5 minute quick, my favorite kind of quick! 

I just sat and sipped some tea at this 5 minute quick...

So what is it?

I found a junk Parson's table in the shed that was in bad shape on the top. I'm not even sure why we would store something like that-seriously! Somehow I'm thinking that it came from Ikea years back.

After setting aside to toss or possibly donate, I found some old fence pieces that came off our fence when a tree fell down in a storm. Not sure why I saved those either, maybe nostalgia?

 I took the table out of the discard pile...and used contractor's caulking to adhere the planks of wood fencing. No nails necessary and since it's not a heavy duty piece that wouldn't have worked anyway.

After letting the adhesive caulk dry overnight I trimmed the edges down with a saw. Maybe should have done that before, but after turning it over it looked like it needed a trim. Live and learn.

I think that I'll get a lot of miles out of this one, and love the rustic nature of the reclaimed fencing wood against the elegant modern white.


Victoria said...

That turned out beautifully Janet! I think you're right about it being an Ikea table. My coffee table is similar and it's my goal to cover the top with some sort of wood...for now, I have some vintage lace draped over it to make it more appealing!

Art and Sand said...

I love the stark lines of the table with the rustic top.

And, I love that you store things and don't remember why.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

How clever! I love it!

Debbie said...

Your table turned out great, Janet!
I especially love the top of it.

Trish Martin said...

This turned out beautifully. I guess that's what you were saving the fence wood and the table for all along.

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