A Few New Things At Home

I've been doing some serious decluttering and downsizing to our home as you know, but being a serious shopper (and sometimes seller) of vintage... it's an addiction to get out and see what the world has to offer. Most of my recent finds.

trio of gold florentine tables
for the SHOP have been sold, and I did keep a few things for me.

I had been eyeing this vintage church candelabra for at least a year now, but couldn't justify the price. I do know that with vintage, if you fall in love with something and don't nab it when you see it...then you run the risk of losing that one of a kind piece. I took my chances with this one and it did not sell and finally marked down to the price that I would pay.

 Normally these don't excite me too much, but this one is definitely old and heavy cast iron and had been painted white years back.

Since I am always shopping my own home I know that I can use it anywhere with the neutral color and I love the floret details.

antique church candelabra

Dinner by candlelight can sure be romantic...will have to plan something soon:~))

gold florentine tables

These Florentine tables are another recent find...
I had a different set for quite a long time and just wanted a change, so when I spied this set it had to come home with me and the price was right...

My aqua addiction ALWAYS continues.

antique aqua french books ruffled pages

It's always fun to add a few new things and I'll be looking for more pieces for the SHOP soon too.