Lavender and White Mantel Vignette For Fall...And Shopping Special

Lavender is a color that you don't often see in conjunction with Autumn decor, and I have to wonder why not? This afternoon while walking the dogs...
I "borrowed" a couple of branches once again from this flowering tree that is overflowing with blooms with all of the rain we have been experiencing.

I set up a simple new mantel vignette with the flowers that I think to be Florida Wisteria, but honestly I am not sure. If anyone knows then please do tell.

 In a vintage French enamelware pitcher I cut some branches from our own gardens behind the house and a few stems of ferns. They should all do well for a few days since I placed them quickly in cold water.

 A stack of antique French ironstone dishes with the most unusual lavender blooms with just a trio of baby white pumpkins give the vignette a feminine Fall feel.