Things That I've Gotten For Free and Guest Posting Today

Today I'm sharing some of the things that I've gotten for free over the years. If you are visiting from my guest post at Savvy Southern Style then..welcome! I would love to have you follow me if you'd like to subscribe.
I've been a frugal designer from way back and I suppose that is for a couple of reasons. Like most people I work with a budget and although...all of our budgets differ, there should be one in place nonetheless. I also keep my eyes wide open for beauty and seek it in the unusual and the usual stuff...

Things just pop into my head when my well trained hubby brings pieces home from homes that his business is this pretty well known now Mason jar chandelier that I made some years back from a junk pile find on an overgrown property belonging to a client.

These things took on a life of their own I tell ya!
Sometimes I see a piece of wood and it inspires me. I recently blogged about the fence wood table HERE:

Much of what you see in the first photo (and this one below) was free...destined for the dumpster by well meaning clients.

Crazy, I know...but the gates, mantel, and the shutters all were freegans, gifts and perks of the biz. But they were saved and just in the nick of time and we so enjoy displaying these one of a kind treasures in our home! (sofa...thrift shop $150)

Not all of the pieces were contracting business perks, such the "marriage" table in the living room above. That was put together with a left over piece of gorgeous granite (from his client) and a junk shop piece of garden base that I found while out junkin'. A marriage within the marriage, and we do make a great team.

I've also used toss away old windows on top of that base (yes, free for the taking:-)

And hate...the built in large fridge and the oven combo were free, taken out of a kitchen remodel and used, but perfect for our home and the perfect cost. The doors on the fridge have wood panels and I painted them white.

You can read more about the kitchen in THIS post.

And the master bedroom mantel was also free...from a trash area at a home remodel that I went to in search of some antiques to purchase for the shop years back.

The authentic etched glass panels in our master To learn more about this room, there are additional photos HERE.
You can sometimes find things like this inexpensively on Craigslist or at the ReStore. Most of you who decorate with a budget know that you just have to have patience and wait until the right piece comes along. It will!

So even if you are not in the construction and/or interiors business I encourage you to look around and ask around, because if you don't ask you'll never know!

And that pink cabinet above? Yes, free from a friend who was tired of hauling it around.