Holiday Home Peeks From The Past And Decisions

It's a dilemma as to which direction to take. You see...I'm not hosting Thanksgiving at my home this year for the first year I think since I had children, so it's time to bring on the Christmas bedecking and get an early start! I've already worked on some projects (and taken them back down:~)) awhile ago, but now it's time to get serious with bedecking. 

Will I go with a white natural Christmas theme?

Create a gigantic handmade wreath.

Leaning towards the French Nordic style that I love.

Perhaps some traditional holiday color of reds and greens.

French blue in the in this holiday bar.

Quintessential pretty in Pink?

Truth be told I'll most likely do it with keeping the decor in softly muted tones it all blends nicely. More to come later with tips and special news too:-))