In The Shop...Vintage and Antique Roses and Blogging

Happy Wednesday! 

You might not know that I've been blogging for over 8 years now, early on in the world of blogs! Originally I started the blog because I had been selling on the internet since the late 1990's, and my loyal clientele had been asking to know more about me and specifically wanted to see more photos of my home and more of the DIY's that I was then writing for magazines like Romantic Homes. I also found it a great way to let them know when new products were added to the shop (aka website) and it was nice to hear back with lots of comments!
Things have changed quite a bit in the blogosphere, or what I like to call Bloglandia and there are thousands of blogs these days and many making a living at blogging (or trying to) full time. 
Not sure that I fit into the modern day mold and I feel pretty much as I did back when this journey all began for me. I enjoy beauty and bringing beauty to others and don't count numbers. 
New items have been added to the shop! I hope that you consider shopping on~line this holiday season...whether with me or with others...
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