How To Make An Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath

In this post I'm taking some fresh cut Christmas greenery and showing you how to make a 5 minute embroidery hoop wreath with peonies. It's a fun and simple project!

peonies in mason jars for christmas

One of the things that you probably already know I love is to have fresh flowers in my home. Honestly I don't buy much anymore in terms of decor, and prefer to add interest and style with a fresh large bouquet or some Mason jars filled with blooms. Today I'm sharing another very quick project that you'll want to keep reading and find out about, and's a wreath!...

peonies in mason jars christmas

 Peonies are often available at Christmas time and I've been finding them for the last couple of weeks at Whole Foods. I can't resist these delicate beauties!...
 They are fleeting though and seem to last for only a few days, no matter how well I care for them.

I keep cutting the stems shorter and that seems to help to "recycle" the blooms. When last week's peonies came almost to the end of their beauty, I cut the stems really short and decided to craft a simple wreath with one peony in a bottle and greens that I cut from our garden this morning.

peony wreath diy embroidery hoop

In my studio I have a supply of wreath bases and rings, and used a gold 9" ring for this project because I knew that I wanted some of the gold to remain showing. It's Christmas after all and I love a bit of metallic in the mix:~)

pretty christmas wreath diy

So easy...start wrapping branches around the area to be covered and use some florist's wire in green wrapped to hold the stems in place. To attach the bottle I wrapped more of the floral wire around the neck and then wrapped the ends of the wire tightly around the greenery.

peony wreath for christmas

As you can see the peony will only last perhaps another day, but the beauty of this project is that another bloom can be placed into the bottle later on. Just a small amount of water is necessary for the fading bloom.

A pink silk ribbon that I hand dyed was then wrapped around the neck of the bottle to hide the wire, and a couple of tiny pink Christmas balls were hung for an accent.

vintage tulle christmas wreath

I love how fresh greenery looks on a wreath and this one is a bit different than the normal ho hum everyday Christmas wreath.

How To Make An Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath