Styling A Floral Centerpiece For Spring Entertaining

how to style flowers

I promised another floral arranging tip in my last post, as when I have an abundance of flowers that are not in their prime anymore I usually recycle them. Here's how...

styling flowers for spring

These roses are most definitely wilting and although the hydrangeas look pretty good in the photo they are a week old and just about ready to go. I often with clip my floral centerpieces shorter and reuse whatever flowers I can for the next week. It's a great budget tip and I've saved a lot of money buying flowers at the grocery store every other week, rather than every week. If you change the water daily that helps...and I'll put my flowers into Mason jars as I've shown in THIS POST. 

garden clippers for flowers
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Out come some garden shears and I love the BONSAI CLIPPERS that are strong and sized for a woman's hands.

pink roses or silk pink roses

For this project I cut the stems short at about 4-6 inches below the flower bases. You will be soaking in FLORAL FOAM so you want them long enough to insert and soak up water.

floral foam soaking in a sink

Floral foam is something that I always have on hand for challenging arrangements. My tip here is to soak floating and not submerged in your sink. You don't need or want too much water, especially for a project like this one that will have relatively short stems.

oasis floral foam in a container

Yes, this is a fish poacher! I don't poach fish and it was a thrift store find, so I painted it white for the purpose of floral arranging. It's useless now for fish poaching, that is for sure. Lay the wet Oasis Floral Foam into the poacher. If you don't have a fish poacher or can't find one, try another small metal container from your kitchen that perhaps you just no longer use. 

pink and white roses centerpiece

I began arranging the flowers by what was pleasing to my eye. I worked from the center out and spaced the very droopy flowers on the ends to hang over. Just play around...this is the fun part of unstructured flower arranging!

low table centerpiece with roses

pink and white flowers centerpiece for spring

spring dining room flowers

When entertaining I love a low centerpiece like this to allow for conversation from all sides between guests. You could hit up the thrifts and find several fish poachers to use at a wedding or dinner party.

dining room spring table

Combine an arrangement like this with some old jelly jars or yogurt jars around it. TIP* You could also do this type of floral centerpiece with SILK FLOWERS. Here are some of my favorite silks, slide to see them all!

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