Transitioning To Fall With Color...And Artist Tips

beautiful fall flowers in an urn

Sometimes I'm inspired to change things up by just one item in my home and it's that time of year that many of us are.

purple mason jar with flowers

switching it up for Fall. Or thinking about Sept is going to be here in just a few more days!

antique pink roses oil painting

Today I had a little time to FINALLY arrange some of the florals that I had purchased over the weekend.
This antique painting is one that I've had for many years and although it's normally stored away in my studio I've been contemplating bringing it out for Fall. It's moody and rich in tone and to my eye those colors seem to be more attractive in the cooler months...

My muse for this palette.

fall mantel designs with rich color

I don't have much hanging on the walls in our home and much prefer propping things like paintings up on one of the two mantels that we have or on a shelf. It's easier to change things out and I've been decorating for long enough to know that I bore easily and love to restyle...
As often as possible!

fall flowers

Rich colors against my white decor are what I'm seeing lately. Speaking of seeing, a little trick that I learned while studying painting (and art in general) in college is to step back and squint.

fall flowers with rich color

Since I wear glasses I just take them off and it helps me to visualize movement of color in designing a room or a simple restyle of a mantel.

Transitioning To Fall With Color...And Artist Tips

Just a few things on the mantel are enough in my "less is more" outlook as my tastes mature along with me.

fall flowers in an urn

A rusty urn filled with a go big and bold or go home arrangement in transition to Fall colors. A purple Mason jar filled with the leftover bits. And the painting, which may come and go.

artist tips for fall color