White Kitchen Design...The Intense Debate

Sitting at the kitchen island and drinking coffee while on my laptop this morning I took a few shots of my kitchen. This shot is looking into the family room with a trio of old stained glass windows that have been in my possession for a number of years now. It would be hard to find those these days, and they were all inexpensive...in fact one was found in a dumpster! I love my white kitchen, really I do. There has been a debate around here for the last couple of weeks and I'll explain why...

We have lived in our home for 25 years now and the kitchen was white when we moved in. You can read more about that in THIS post...

There have been many changes over the years from cabinet refacing to replacing countertops (twice) to the family room which we added on as part of an entire new wing back when the kiddos were growing up. We also made the huge living room smaller and the kitchen larger by busting out the wall where you see the fridge and added an island. All of this was in the days BEFORE digital cameras (although I do have real photos:~) and way before Pinterest... or blogging!

So what is our debate?

The intense "discussion" has been about the appliances. We have a very large built~in fridge and it's now about 15 years old or so. It's made with wood panels to cover the front and is taller than regular fridges and deep like a Sub~Zero, but the brand is KitchenAid. 

Our aging girl has had a couple of repairs over time. The ice maker has been on the fritz for awhile now and we have had the repair guy out here 3 times in the last few months for a fix and it doesn't seem to work for long. As someone who loves her frozen drinks, not to mention cocktails I need my crushed ice! I know...modern day problems.

So what to do? There is going to be one more fix attempt, but this time by my husband. He's pretty smart and a problem solver so hmmm, will see what he comes up with! If it needs to be replaced do we go with stainless steel? 

We've already replaced the dishwasher that bit the dust and was part of the same package of wood front appliances. Did I mention that we scored the appliances for free in the way back days? We were working on a high end home remodel that was sold and the new owners were replacing them...
With stainless!

So... is stainless a fad or is it here to stay? Has it been oversold to every new builder home in every community like granite had been and now fading as a choice like granite is?  

I love our home and the personal touches that we have put in over time. Time has a way of dating things and styles come and go, but some things are timeless...like white...kitchens...

For now the appliance debate goes on. For more of my kitchen and dining and some tips about the French country touches that you can add to YOUR own home, I invite you check out THIS POST that I know you'll enjoy!
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