Angular Or Curved In The Kitchen

Hansgrohe kitchen faucets

Angular versus curved, boy vs girl. In my house with a builder husband who has literally hundreds of high end kitchen remodels under his belt by now, he prefers angular objects for the most part. Maybe it's a guy thing too, or maybe it's his...

left brained personality and perhaps a bit of the engineering kicking in too. We are definitely each~other's yin and yang and it's worked out well for our long standing marriage so far:~)

The faucet above was the old one on our kitchen sink. I never liked it and since he gets much of what we have in our home gratis, I acquiesce.

Since he is pretty handy and our old faucet was leaking for awhile, he replaced washers and tightened everything a couple of times but it was finally time to replace it. It was starting to drive me crazy! So today it was replaced.

With this beauty...

If you can be in love with a kitchen faucet I AM...and this one for those who might be looking for something similar is the Hans Grohe Bridgeford in brushed nickel. You can find this at our affiliate link HERE and while it is not an inexpensive faucet it should last a lifetime, from our 30+ year experience with this brand.

flowers in the sink
Curved lines always do it for me and I'll be sharing some more from the kitchen soon. This is not a sponsored post...just sharing the love of this HansGrohe USA faucet.