Amazing AQUA Autumn I Fall Decorations For Your Home

It's still hot and the last days of summer, but as bloggers we are always looking to give you a head start on the upcoming season to inspire you to plan. I wanted to share these exquisite silk velvet pumpkins and acorns that are perfect for a COASTAL look. They will just bring that amazing aqua autumn color to the fall decorations in your home and something really different!

aqua velvet pumpkins on a mantel

Amazing AQUA Autumn I Fall Decorations For Your Home

If you indeed still in summer mode or going to start transition your home decor soon, then aqua is the perfect color to bring the beach coastal look in and a color that you can truly use year round. Like on this mantel...

coastal mantel fall autumn decor

You don't need a mantel to style this way and can do a similar look on a shelf or bookcase and even create fall table decorations by piling the pumpkins on high. 

How To Style A Mantel Or Table With Velvet Pumpkins

  • Clear the clutter...just like I always recommend when styling something new.
  • After clearing the previous clutter I wiped down the mantel and added some silver tipped eucalyptus just tossed lengthwise across the mantel.
  • Then I just began layering and you can see more of how I styled this look in the straight on photo below. Don't just line things up...look at your angles and put some of the pumpkins sideways or prop against the wall or each-other.
  • Watch for movement of color and use a variety of colors in your mix. 
  • Add in any additional accessories, and here I added some velvet acorns, old tattered books and some white roses. Notice how I used a vintage Mason jar to hold some roses and picked the color aqua back up in that?

beautiful Fall Decorations For Your Home

If you love a coastal look you can add in some of your treasures from the sea that you've collected over the summer months. How about some bleached white seashells or coral? What about mixing in some vintage bottles or inkwells that you find at a flea market in aqua colors? I've seen some nice reproduction bottles lately in stores like Homegoods that so pretty to collect. The velvet pumpkins are from Love Feast Shop and I'll be sharing some more with them next week, so watch for that. 

aqua autumn decor ideas

I can envision these on my beach farm table and they will make for a fabulous centerpiece. You can see that I don't have a million gazillion velvet pumpkins here, but have filled in with a bird's nest and everything else that I've mentioned. This is how you stretch your decorating dollar to go filling in your main focal point with what you already own or can grab from the garden! 

fall mantel with aqua velvet pumpkins

Fall is my favorite season and I have so many great things planned to share with you coming up! Do you have a specific request? I'd love to hear from you via comments below and don't forget that you can subscribe and never miss a post!