Decorating With Traditional Colors Of Autumn In A Table Setting

If I had to pick a color that I would call my least favorite, that would probably be orange. That being said, I'm open to try new things and I've been looking around my storage shelves for some table accents for a dinner party.

aqua bottles thanksgiving table setting

Decorating With Traditional Colors Of Autumn In A Table Setting

vintage aqua bottles filled with flowers in rust for thanksgiving

 I found some of my favorite color and something that I use in my home often often. My favorite color if you haven't guessed by following the blog (or are new here) is aqua. I have lots of aqua pieces that I've collected, but clutter is tucked away and somehow I don't often think about bringing that "summer color" out for fall. Well duh...the oranges, yellows and rusts pair perfectly with aqua! Don't you think?

elegant thanksgiving table with vintage bottles

Once again, it's not cool here in the least in South Florida, so I have no access to those glorious autumn leaves that many of you do who live further north. But I do have some faux or silk flowers in those shades, so on the dinner party table I set out a few selected stems.

vintage aqua bottles faux flowers thanksgiving

 In the aqua bottles.

pale blue bottles thanksgiving

With just a simple vintage grainsack table runner and a single pumpkin from the market in a beautiful blue green.

royal copenhagen dishes thanksgiving table

At this time of year the brown transferware comes out of hiding for use. It belonged to my husband's late mother and it's somewhat nostalgic for him as he recalls growing up in Switzerland with this set being used in autumn as well.

vintage blue grainsack table runner

Vintage pink and green wine glasses from a yard sale years ago that we use year round. They go with everything.

pretty thanksgiving table settings vintage style

If you get up close you might notice that the flowers are faux, but most people would not notice on the table or care for that matter.

Thanksgiving dishes transferware

Vintage gold flatware and vintage linen napkins to finish off this uncluttered setting and it's time to eat.
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