The Best Elegant Jewel Tone Mantel Ideas For Autumn Decorating

I usually base my vignettes around flowers in my white inspired French elegant styled home, and my mantels change in a heartbeat depending upon what I find when I'm out shopping for the weekly groceries. This week I was inspired to go with jewel tones this year by something inherited.

elegant fall mantel purple velvet pumpkins

 It's probably not what you might think, but it comes from nature and is very heavy, sparkly and really large! Any guesses?

The Best Elegant Jewel Tone Mantel Ideas For Autumn Decorating

large amethyst geode

This week I started with this fabulous HUGE geode that was brought back by my in~laws when they were living in Brazil for a time for my father-in-law's job. It's an amethyst (which also happens to be my birthstone) and I'm fascinated with something like this that is natural and is mined from the depths of the earth. Normally it resides in my husband's home office, but I'm "allowed" to play with it:~)) It's large enough to use as a bowl and care needs to be taken in handling with some sharp edges.

elegant jewel tone mantel fall autumn

The violet or purple inspired me for this early fall mantel. You just don't find many mantels decorated in rich jewel tone colors, or I should say showcased on the internet via Pinterest or blogs or Google searches.

Although I generally keep my decor light, I also am an artist first and so I love to play with color and texture! My take on decorating a mantel is to have fun with it, not to take it too formal or seriously and nothing that looks too contrived.

purple aubergine lavender velvet pumpkins fall

I've recently been partnering with Love Feast Shop and have these incredible and rich looking silk velvet pumpkins, so I thought this would all pair up nicely.

fall flowers in the sink

And this week's flowers soaking up some water in the kitchen sink.

dried flower wreaths fall autumn decor

I've been asked about my weekly flower budget several times and honestly I try and buy whatever is on sale or not too costly and then I recycle what I can afterwards for project. Above are a pair of my dried flower wreaths for a client, and this is something that you could easily do too. I have a DIY wreath portfolio for you HERE.

fall mantel decorating with velvet pumpkins

At first I added some books and then decided to take them away because it looked too cluttered. I often get a tad carried away and then step back to look from the opposite side of the room. Then I edit the vignette, and I shared about my thinking on the process in THIS post.

lovefeastshop velvet pumpkins with real stems

I also decided to remove the geode and place it on a bench in the room. That was more for safety than looks, because the mantel is not anchored to the wall and that baby is really heavy!

elegant fall mantel jewel tones

Removing the geode allowed me to spread things out more and I'm enjoying the less is more simplicity here.

fall mantel elegant farmhouse decor style

A few pinecones and some blue votives to light up the mantel in the evening.

best fall mantel styling ideas shabbyfufu

And some vintage sparkle with a couple of beaded light fixtures that I often use in place of bowls and pedestals... 

If you love elegant jewel tones and want to create something similar on a dime, here are a few TIPS:

1. Start in nature scouring for local pinecones and acorns. 
2. Pick up an inexpensive pot or two of mums in the garden section of your favorite Lowes or Home Depot in the rich shades of fall that are available right now. 
3. Use what you have plastic pumpkins (or buy now, they are all on sale) and simply paint them with some of the tones I've shared today. Time to play and see what you come up with!

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