New Vintage Items Coming To The Shop and a Discount!

Having an on-line shop is tough business and lots of work, so don't let anyone tell you that you'll be able to stay in your pajamas all day and watch the cash flow in! I've been in the vintage business for many years and started selling on the web back in the early days and it's pretty rare for me to spend a day in my pj's unless I'm sick. Hah! 
So finally I'm carving out some time to...
...start the process of shooting items that will be for sale soon on the website shop. I don't have all of the photos shot and edited yet, as it's quite a process but there will be a plethora of vintage items for sale and reasonably priced as well. 
All ViNtAgE and some of what's going to be available will be:

Great old brocades and other vintage fabrics
Jewelry making supplies including fabulous old rhinestones
Chock full albums of vintage postcards for every occasion
Window with mosaics
Vintage artwork
Wire crates
Vintage Wallpaper
You'll have to stop by because if you are a DIY'er, crafter, designer or just someone looking for home beauty there will be something for everyone...
If you follow Shabbyfufu on Facebook or Instagram it's the best way to know when we will start listing and for daily updates, and sign up for the mailing list as we will offer a discount code on the VINTAGE ITEMS for members as well!
And if you just can't wait to shop:-) how about $10 OFF on our popular RUFFLE THROWS, this week only! You can find those HERE in the SHOP...
I'm going to be spending some time traveling later this week, and will be sure to be on the lookout for more to offer...
Have a great week!