Top Ten Tips For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Of course you know that old expression "you are what you eat" I take that pretty seriously and always have when it has come to feeding my family. Now it's just my husband and myself that I prepare meals for perhaps the pressure is off some. He is happy with pretty much everything that I set in front of him, but our health is important and wholesome food is what I aim for.

tips for living a healthy lifestyle - mango salad with feta cheese

Today I'm going to share my top ten tips for living a healthy lifestyle...and we can all strive for good health!

Ten Tips For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

1. A Clean and Balanced Diet

I don't mean "dieting" when I talk about diet, rather following a healthy meal plan full of fresh foods. I fill our plates at dinner time with generally a protein such as fresh fish or organic prepared chicken, a big huge salad filled with everything...and I mean HUGE and something like brown rice or quinoa on the side. We don't eat dessert and save that for a weekend treat if we eat out, and then will split one. 
Backtracking to breakfast I go for a non fat plain (or sometimes vanilla) yogurt, sprinkled with flax seeds and granola and topped with some blueberries.
Lunch is usually leftovers, since the days are so busy.
Speaking of TEN...I don't spend a lot of time with meal prep and concentrate more on spending that time shopping and reading labels. Most of our meals take #Just10 minutes to prepare!

French style dining room - tips for living a healthy lifestyle

2. Exercise

I've always been active and although admittedly there are many days where I am overwhelmed with things to do or just plain lazy I try and squeeze in at least 10 minutes of exercise a couple of times a day. That's all it takes to get moving and do something good for yourself and today I did a nice brisk walk over a local bridge to get my heart rate up!

bridge view Florida - tips for living a healthy lifestyle

3. Quiet the Mind

Yoga or simple peaceful time are things to experiment with if you are looking to quiet the mind and gain (or keep) flexibility. Seriously just 10 minutes will do wonders...

4. Just Breathe

Get out there for a short time every day and breathe in some fresh air. It's free for the taking and perhaps a little bit of work in the garden or your morning coffee on the patio will do the trick. 


5. 10 Minute Snack

I cannot live without snacking during the day! Since I work at home it's easy to go to the dark side and if there is junk in the house I will eat I keep it out as much as I can. Thanks husband for bringing me the chocolate chip cookies that your client baked for you last week...hah! My good girl snack go to's are usually nuts and if I have time mid~morning I'll make a smoothie. I keep bananas in the freezer at all times and use half combined with yogurt, blueberries and kale.

6. Stay Hydrated

Water is the holy grail of drinks for living a healthy lifestyle and I keep a glass of lemon water around me at all times. When I'm running errands a bottle of water is my best friend. At dinner it seems like a special treat to drink a glass of European "water with gas" and it keeps me on track!

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7. Sleep

I am one of those girls who needs a good eight hours and I try to get it every night that I can. A comfy bed, a busy day and I'm good to go for sleep and on occasion a quick 20 minute nap if I'm really bushed.

8. Dental Hygiene

Yep, it's part of being healthy and if you don't keep those pearls white it can have an adverse effect on your heart! Brushing 2x a day and flossing (admittedly I sometimes forget the floss:~) and dental cleanings a couple of times a year are key.

9. Be Social

Take some time for your special circle and do something fun!

10. Pets

In our home we have 3 dogs, a bunny rabbit and a guinea pig and they add so much joy! It's important to keep them healthy and happy too, so the dogs get frequent walks or outside leash time and the best kibble that we can buy for their health. It's social time for them too!

cavalier king charles spaniels

You don't need to spend a lot of time if you start incorporating just ONE of the tips at a time and focus on what you can do in just 10 minutes to get you started.

What would your best use of 10 minutes be for a healthier lifestyle? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!