10 Minute DIY- Beach Glass And Driftwood Christmas Sign

I've been at our beach home for close to two weeks, as I stayed up here where it was fairly close to the HGTV Dream Home event that I attended a couple of days ago. More about that one as soon as I have a chance to edit photos! Every year I try and make something new for the holidays but to be honest I don't have a lot of crafting supplies up here at the beach and no dedicated room or storage. So I was inspired by some things that I found on the beach, and one of them was...

...this piece of weathered driftwood. It's been really stormy here, so the driftwood is ripe for the picking! Somehow it just didn't cut it for me to plop in the vignette above and I've been in a mood to make something:~}

I've collected beach glass for years and use it for tablescapes as well as general crafts and simply to display for the beauty. I grabbed a bag and got to thinking...hmmm

A sign...and I had just a half of a glue stick left, so I got to work quickly. This is one of those projects that took literally no more than 10 minutes and if it inspires you to take your own spin on it then go for it!

I decided that four letters would be all the glue that I had, so I laid out the glass first to form the word "NOEL"

If you've collected seashells on a family vacation at the beach that would be fun to use as well. Just be sure to lay everything out first and then glue on one by one...

For more coastal Christmas ideas, I've been posting this week from our beach home HERE and you don't need a beach place to use the inspiration.