Easiest DIY Oil Candle Lights Ever!


Hi friends! I hope that your holidays have been filled with everything that makes you happy and thank you for stopping by to visit me today. It's been busy and yet relaxing in my household this past week with family and friends and way too much food {and maybe some cocktails:~}}

Today I'm going to share the easiest DIY project perhaps that I've ever shared here on the blog and it's a beauty too!


It's no secret to my family that I LOVE candles, and I think that I passed the candle loving gene on to my girls. I made some soy candles right before the holidays that we have been enjoying and scented them with lavender and rosemary essential oils, as well as clipping and drying some fresh and pouring them into the wax for a stronger scent...

My favorite candles of all though come from Linnea's Lights, and my husband purchased this gift box as one of my Christmas gifts. Boy oh boy he earned some points with that one and it smells fantastic in our home right now!

He also bought some beautiful pink peonies for me and since they are seasonal, I'm quite sad to see them go. But wait...I can turn them into candles and have them last a little longer! So I grabbed a few Mason jars (you can find them on eBay) from my stash and will give a brief DIY of how to make the easiest "candle" ever...

I cut the now faded blooms off my peonies because to me they still have such beauty. The buds and leaves were then loosely placed into my Mason jars, filling close to the top. In this case I selected clear jars and you can use any jars that you have been saving...like from jelly or peanut butter~as long as they are glass...

Then fill with water to cover, leaving a couple of inches at the top. Pour a layer of about an inch with vegetable oil on top of that. You know...oil and water do not mix and oil will float because it's lighter. Then get yourself some floating candle wicks. I purchased THESE and that's about all you would really have to buy for this project.


They are not really candles, but rather oil lamps. Oil lamps have been around since the cave dwellers used animal fat with flame to light their homes BC, so it's nothing new...but these are so pretty:~}

I added some frozen cranberries and also I scented them by adding in from 10 to 20 drops of lavender essential oil to the jar, depending on the sized jar used. I buy my lavender oil in LARGE SIZES 

because I use it for so many things!  


Aren't they pretty? I plan on making a whole bunch of these on New Year's Eve to light the way around here and they are safe because in the event that someone knocks them over the water will extinguish the flame...

You can vary them by the jars used, float some glass jar filler or other fruits, small vegetables and even add food coloring to the water. They will stay lit for a couple of hours and the wicks can be easily and quickly replaced...

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