Easy Ways To Change Christmas Decor In A Room

This post is all about some easy ways to change your Christmas decor by using accent colors. I've gone from a white Christmas to a pink Christmas just by swapping out a few key pieces and show you how to do this too!

shabby chic pink christmas decorating

Wait a minute...did she do something different in this room? Why yes I did and I kid you not that it took literally 15 minutes of my time. Taking photos and writing this post took way longer, and today I'm sharing what I did in a side by side comparison and tips...

Easy Ways To Change Christmas Decor In A Room

pink christmas ideas

Side by side, although taken weeks apart and the angles are different with where I was. Sort of a before and after...

On the left you can see lots of packages and they have been removed and placed in the family room where we have another tree. We have several trees here this year and the family room I don't normally share as per my family requests. I replaced the pillows and throws and that is one of my favorite ways to restyle a room quickly!

romantic country design for christmas

Some pillows from the master bedroom were switched out to add a pop of pink.

shabby chic christmas decorating

The smaller pink pillows I purchased at H & M Home and the larger pink pillow is from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture.

french country cottage decorating ideas

I've had the sheepskin for several years now and would you believe that it came from...ahem...Walmart?! I'm a super careful shopper and thrifty, so I wait for sales. You CAN have an elegant look if you do that and collect what you want slowly!

rachel ashwell petticoat pillow

The pink bench is one of my favorite pieces that I don't think I will ever tire of and it's from a friend. I move that thing all over the house and it's been in every room that it fits in at one time or another! 

french country cottage christmas

Underneath the mantel (which is non~working...hello, I live in Miami!) are a pair of cabinet doors that I embellished with appliques years ago. The cabinet housed a television in our bedroom and we never watched it, so the cabinet was donated but I kept the doors. They add an interesting layer without being too wild.

romantic christmas homes

 A few bottle brush trees, pink candles and pink peonies are all subtle touches.

how to create a romantic christmas decor
french country pink rooms
gold and white bottle brush trees

I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by and with the holidays approaching! I'm going to slow down on design posts and perhaps share a couple recipes or entertaining tips that I enjoy, and take some time off as well.

Easy Ways To Change Christmas Decor In A Room


But first...I hope that you enjoy these free printables that I created for you to use as greeting cards or print out and hang or frame. They are free downloads and I ask only that you do not sell them or change them, they are for personal use only. You'll find them for download HERE...
Have a great week,