Pink Spritzer Cocktails With Voveti Prosecco

pink prosecco recipe christmas

Let them eat cake and all of that...and I'll have to admit to that fact that I have a sweet tooth that I try and keep in check most of the time. I love having dessert parties and I'm not a huge baker, but I don't think that you have to be if you set your dessert table up nicely or create a dessert bar. More on that another time! 
When Voveti sent me a bottle of prosecco I knew that it would be pared...

pink prosecco cocktail recipes

... with sparkling sodas to make some cocktails for my dessert affair. VOVETI is modern, upscale and affordable, perfect for everyday pairing or chic entertaining with friends! If you aren't familiar with prosecco, it's a sparkling Italian wine and in this case VOVETI is a high quality craft variety with a limited yearly production of only 15,000 cases. It's tasty enough to drink on it's own, but for my dessert party I mixed it up.

Wearing my favorite new apron, I set out to make everything look lovely and casual. Flowers (of course:-) and the desserts purchased at the local market with the mini cupcakes simply embellished with pink sugar sprinkles.

To make the cocktails here that I'm calling Pink Spritzers, take your champagne glasses and run a lemon over the rims, or you could dip the rims directly into a small bowl filled with a small amount of the soda. Then dip them into a bowl filled with a scant amount of pink or red sugar. Pop into the freezer for 1/2 hour to chill. 

I keep lots of various fruits in the freezer for use in smoothies and decided to bring out the cranberries for a festive look.
voveti prosecco cocktails/
You can either play bartender or let you guests do their own mixing, which I think is great fun at a party! We had both pink grapefruit and blood orange Italian sodas set out here and did a half and half with the VOVETI prosecco. The sugar on the rims gave the tartness of the sodas just the right balance.

pink prosecco cocktail recipes

The cranberries served as "ice cubes" since they were frozen, and in not adding ice the drinks didn't taste watered down. The tart flavor of these Pink Bubble Cocktails made with only VOVETI prosecco and Italian soda balance out all of the sweetness with desserts!

pink prosecco cocktail recipes