How To Style A Dough Bowl

Dough bowl.... it's an antique that has become a modern day darling for creating a centerpiece for table setting fanatics worldwide! 

vintage dough bowl styling have that antique dough bowl (affiliate)...sometimes referred to as a trencher... that you filled with Christmas ornaments and don't know what to do with it now that Holiday 2015 stuff is in storage? Let's see...

How To Style A Dough Bowl

I've been working on a refresh in our home now that the company has left and creating a clean slate for winter. Today I'm sharing a few ways to use the dough bowl in my collection for display.

christmas ornaments in a dough bowl

Let me digress to the ornaments and share that I am leaving a few out for winter display in shades of white and softly brushed champagne and silver.

dough bowl with christmas ornaments

They have a softly romantic feel set against the rustic charm of the wood and greenery and are maybe a bit reminiscent of the snowballs I recall making in my youth up north.

In winter I like to accent with whites, soft blues and silver tones.

Fresh greenery.

Depending upon where you live you might still be able to clip some fresh greens to fill your dough bowl. I just went out into the garden with clippers in hand and clipped some small branches from the Wax Myrtle. They are plopped in the bowl and obviously if you aren't the "plop in" type you can do a neat arrangement of your greens.

If you live in the tundra where nothing is currently verdant, check your market for seasonal greenery instead.

vintage wooden dough bowl used for fruit


I have a lifelong love affair with fruit and will eat pretty much anything in the fruit department. Not really in the fruit department though, I've mastered enough self control to wait until I get home:~}

Use a wooden trencher or dough bowl for fruit

Right now Darling Clementine tangerines are a constant companion of the fruit bowl in our home, so why not display them in the dough bowl.

antique dough bowl tablescape for winter


I would not recommend setting pillars or any type of candle straight into a wooden bowl obviously due to fire hazard. In my arrangement I collected some palm tree seed pods from the garden and used as filler to surround glass votives holding blue candles.

dough bowl used with candles

Candles are something that I use daily and set in the dough bowl this way, they provide a soft romantic glow on a table whether dining al fresco or in the house.

vintage wood dough bowl

Think of a dough bowl as a piece of art, as they are hand carved and work wonderfully for a centerpiece that is low enough for conversation over the table...
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