Embracing Your Own Style

french style home decor pieces

Wouldn't life be boring if we all looked the same and liked the same things? I like {LOVE:~}} chocolate and he is vanilla. In terms of the design world I know with certainty...
that finding and embracing your own style is key to feeling comfortable in your home skin.

kitchen design

This is not my own kitchen, and I talked about it in more depth on a previous post. It's a high end remodel that our family business did for a client and although I adore so much about it, the reality is that we simply don't have the budget for this expensive complete kitchen gut and new build...

How many times have we all drooled while watching HGTV's Fixer Upper? Talk about transformations and I'm wanting to move to Texas when I see what the Magnolia crew can do!

french cottage kitchen

Then reality hits. I'm staying put in Miami where the work is and where my home has been for most of my life. This is my house and I embrace my style, even though it may not be what is currently and modernly popular or en vogue. It may have a higher end look, but it's been done on a budget and over the years...

french living room design

I play around in my own home and move things around. I look curbside for pieces or grab things that clients are parting with, like the married coffee table that has a marble top taken out of a home and a tossed out garden element on the bottom. Nothing in this room was expensive.

pastel aqua pillows

I play with pillows as one of my favorite ways to change up a room seasonally for not a lot of cash. You can do this, so check out your local thrift shops or places like HomeGoods for spring styles that are coming in now.

bathroom remodeling

Go with the basics that are timeless vs. trendy and save the trends that you like for small things. This bathroom was remodeled about 12 yrs ago and still looks fresh today. It may not have the latest or the greatest but it's my style and a fresh pitcher of flowers and a plant or two change the seasonal feel. We will leave it to the future owners when we move on to decide on what their style is and change it out.

elegant outdoor dining

Embracing one's own style allows you to feel better about your home and to seize the day. We had a couple of people over and the weather is nice here at the moment, so I just grabbed my garden clippers for an outdoor table setting. Stress free entertaining with using what I have on hand.

shabbyfufu office

I'm hugging my own style in designing my home office and although there still is much to be done, here is a little look. What I've done so far is to paint the floor white (diy tips) and move things around. I painted the walls as well as all of the wood trim and the old cabinet above. We worked on customizing an Ikea bookcase that I already had (more on that later) and I'm repurposing some vintage drapes from another room in the house. So far the only thing that I've ordered is a rug that will arrive this week and I'll share the room reveal soon.

It's my style and I can't even name it, but I'm comfortable and that's what counts:~}}

Have a great week! xo