Like A Morning In France

flowers in the sink

It all started with some full blown spray roses from the market early one morning when.
the weather here in Miami was pretty much Chamber Of Commerce perfection. I had them soaking in the sink while I went about preparing a quick breakfast, since I hadn't had a chance to eat before I went out to shop. The fresh flowers, the smell of croissants.

french flower market

I started dreaming about my trip to France last spring and wish that I was back once again.

french market basket filled with flowers

Since no one has yet to figure out a way to teleport us to the places that we would choose on any given day I decided to live the French least for a short morning excursion.

French bistro chair

It's all about the joie de vivre, so I brought my flowers in a French market basket and my petit déjeuner down by the water that is behind our home and take my time. As the French often do in taking meals.

Truth be told I don't often have the time to do this, but I've really needed to refresh my creative soul lately and have been feeling a little stale. Taking some time for one's self I think is crucial to not only creatives, but to everyone. Being out in nature does it for me every time.

Sitting out on the dock a couple of boats passed by as I sat and had my coffee, breakfast and read the Sunday New York Times. I just may have been working on my tan too, soaking up the sun {key, Sheryl Crow:~}...

limoges tea cup with roses

The teacup is one of a set that I picked up some years ago at a flea market.

antique limoges china

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