Tufted Headboard Talk

tufted headboards

Today I'm talking beds and one of the questions that I am most asked around here...

white tufted headboard
It's all about the headboard and where did I find it, does it stay clean or how do I clean it and is it comfy?
tufted headboard style
I've had my headboard for several years now and when I purchased it they were not easy to find and much more pricey than they are now. You can see by these photos that it is clean, I've had it over many seasons and we sleep in this bed every night {when in town}. 
tufted sofa in a beach cottage room
Ok...obviously this is not the bed but our living room sofa. I'm kind of nuts for button tufting and also for neutral furniture. You just cannot go wrong with neutrals in furniture whether it's a bed or a sofa. Just plop with a plump plethora of pillows and you can completely change the look of your room! 
tufted headboard shabby chic
Yes, it is easy to keep clean and in the several years that we have had this there isn't a stain or any dirt. I did not treat it with anything and simply vacuum it around once a month. A little trick that I found works well for upholstery as well is the Magic Eraser. Just wet it and take off any dust or light staining. It works!
tufted headboards in a guest room
I love the clean and classic look of these and wanted to design this guest room with white and blue. The tufted headboards just seem to fit nicely and as I mentioned they definitely do stay clean in this condo on Sanibel that is a rental property...
tufted headboard shopping
I've put together some tufted headboards here if you are looking for something like what I have. These are all in the cream family and if the day comes where I need another headboard for a design job or a room of my own I'm swooning over these more modern looks and would not hesitate to purchase one of these. 

You can find these gorgeous tufted headboards all sourced for you and most of these are priced at under $200!

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