Choosing Colors For A Spring Table Setting

 elegant spring table pool

Hello lovely people and beautiful spring day! The table is set for dinner and I'm enjoying having that extra hour of daylight to get things accomplished. How about you? I'm planning on leaving this table setting up all weekend, and here is how I planned things out and my tips for doing a table setting with ease!
pink tulips close up

Based on my neutral palette of white in terms of the wall color {Benjamin Moore White Dove} it makes it so simple to find whatever flowers are available when I'm shopping for groceries. Tulips have been on display at the market and are generally on sale at this time of year. I went with shades of pink, since I'm not a yellow person.

shabbyfufu flower bucket tutorial

And I purchased A LOT, because I wanted to fill my flower bucket as a centerpiece. You know...that CRAZY POPULAR flower bucket that I showed you how to make in THIS DIY. I trimmed them and plopped them in the bucket en masse with a few branches of eucalyptus for height. Setting them on a silver tray {yard sale find} gives them some elegance.

shabby chic easter table

Our dining room table that we built {DIY for you HERE} is rustic and I'm still debating painting the top white, but for now I set it with a white tablecloth. I often use tablecloths and seriously you can change the entire look of an eating area that way! I'm not sure that modern day homemakers or bloggers use them, but I think that they might just be missing out if not.

white dining room

Adding in layers to a table that is so white gives it dimension and texture, just like layering with throws and pillows in a white living room will do. I turned some placemats sideways, which not only looks pretty cool, but protects from messy eaters and spills.

Scrumptious antique linen monogrammed napkins {not our initials but who cares!}, treasured French ironstone plates in a rare lavender tone, silver flatware passed down and delicate pink and green goblets with years of age to them. I'm often asked about the goblets and they are true antiques, but you can find similar PINK goblets HERE {affiliate}.

blueberry tart

I just may have added the fresh blueberries to this lemon tart to add another layer of texture and color, and it does the same thing to the taste buds as to the eye! Think about that for a all of our senses are connected and should be elevated to a higher level for stimulating the brain.

vintage purple glass bottle

Antique purple bottles, and sadly one of them got knocked over today...but that doesn't mean that I will put things behind the veritable gates and not use and display them.

how to set a table

We are ready for the weekend and hope that the weather holds out and the flowers last.

poolside dining room

Happy weekend!