Designing A Spring Flower Garland

floral garland diy

I'm really NOT a hoarder, but I don't like to throw out my tired flowers when I think that there may be a project or a use the future. Sometimes they lose color or the petals fall off, but these spray roses spoke volumes of possibility to me.

how to make a flower garland

And then there is eucalyptus with it's intoxicating fresh scent! I keep these in my stash for filling containers and they always dry up nicely and retain the smell for a good long while...
I find so much inspiration in wedding flower arrangements and bouquets and was up for a quick romancing of my bedroom mantel when I came back into town the other day.

french bedroom with flowers

This mantel garland took no more than 10 minutes to put together and YOU TOO CAN DO THIS!

I made a quick video for you.

I think that you can see the full effect better in the dimension of the video. Would you like to see more quick videos on the blog? I'm all ears for what are your thoughts?

eucalyptus in a flower garland

The first thing that I did was to grab the eucalyptus and lay it across the mantel. I like it to drape over, so I started on the left side with the stems facing the middle and then went over to the right side....rinse and repeat. That left a disturbing gaping hole in the middle where the branches are and I covered it with more of the dried greenery.

dried pink roses

Stash of dried roses...AND, look for a couple more Fab DRIED FLORAL PROJECTS, check out previous posts HERE and HERE.

floral garland with ribbon wedding ideas

Laying the dried roses on top to fill in holes and add color was the next step. Speaking of step...always step back and look at your work in progress.

best mantel garland ideas

Don't line your ducks up in a row. I'm all about asymmetry, but that's the artist in me and may not be for ultimately go with what you like {always!}.

spring mantel ideas

You know those bridal bouquets with the pretty silk ribbon? I have some antique ribbon that I hand painted in a blush watercolor effect, and wove it lightly through the floral garland.

wedding flower garland

 Romantic without being contrived or too over the top.

floral garland on a mantel for spring

It's going to last a good long time and the benefit of dried flowers is that you can use them again and again for several years out!

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