My French Modern Home Office Reveal

elegant white modern office design

This former bedroom has been my home office for awhile now, ever since our youngest daughter left the nest. It's gone through just one prior restyling, which was when I grabbed it as my own haven. I have to be completely transparent and honest with you that the room had become overwhelmingly stuffed with, well...STUFF...over the years!

before and after

The Before...with everything moved out and in the process of painting the walls with Benjamin Moore White Dove.

Since I was running a very busy selling website in addition to blogging I had boxes and cartons of product everywhere and on some days I could hardly get to my desk without tripping. The focus of my business has been changing and I've been scaling back the STUFF, and I needed and craved a true haven for my writing and photo editing.

I think that I have that now and for the most part the room is finished. Can I get a woohoo on that? Here is a glimpse into the ROOM REVEAL and my objectives and thoughts.

modern calligraphy coffee mug

My daily thoughts ALWAYS start with coffee. ALWAYS.

Before I continue the afters, I work with a budget just like most of you do. It really isn't in our budget to redo any of the flooring and we simply don't have the time or the inclination to either at this point. I LOVE WHITE as you may know, so I convinced my husband that painting the existing damaged parquet was the way to go. You can read about that and our WOOD FLOOR PAINTING TIPS here.

Now that a few months have passed I'm even more convinced that it was the right thing to do and it's holding up so well!

vintage white french chair

The French desk has been at our BEACH HOUSE for a few years and was a yard sale find from a long time ago. I didn't paint it and I love the detailed hardware and the well sealed top that was left in the wood tone finish. The chair has floated around the house and was a Salvation Army Store find from way back as well. This is actually where I muse {if you will} for a French office with some modern pieces mixed into the design.

white flokati rug with chevrons

I searched for a modern rug that I've been seeing around and found THIS ONE {affiliate link} that is PERFECT for adding softness to the room. The dogs love it too and I love having them hang out with me:~}}

ikea billy bookcase hack

I talked about the Ikea Billy Bookcase that we made more custom in THIS POST with a DIY. It's holding a few of my photography and styling props now and whatever isn't held here is in this old wood Florida kitchen cabinet below from the 1920's that I painted white on the outside and grey inside. It was RED before and has the old wavy glass doors...

modern french office style

antique french crystal chandelier

An authentic very old French chandelier was gifted to me by a friend. It had been in her grandmother's house in France and I'll always treasure this.

how to recover a sofa

The $35 yard sale settee that I recently found and you'll find more about that and HOW TO REUPHOLSTER A SOFA in THIS POST.

faded floral fabric pillows

The PILLOWS...another DIY for you HERE...and for some reason they are the first thing that most who have been in my new home office comment on!

So now that I'm finished with the project are some photos of the FINISHED ROOM!

french modern style office

There are two windows that let in some strong morning light facing directly east. I decided to leave the blinds in place and purchased some AFFORDABLE SHEERS {affiliate link) to soften the look...

white french home office

I have one of my mannequins in here for company. Okay...well not really, but she adds a nice vintage touch. You can find the desk lamp HERE {affiliate}

shabbyfufu office design

I went with gold accents and shopped the house for this amaaazing vintage LaBarge mirror that was hanging elsewhere. The settee is so comfy and I can grab my laptop off the desk, put my feet up and work away.

french modern style

moroccan screens painted white

The Moroccan screens came from a client's house who didn't want them and I painted them white. The gold lamp can be found HERE {affiliate} and throws just the right amount of light onto my settee. It's striking and has a modern vintage vibe that just looks so right in my new office!

white boho office design

 Do you remember MY POST ABOUT OTTOMANS? I did listen to your suggestions and THIS {affiliate) is the one that I chose.

interior design modern office

I'm so happy in this room and the only thing that it could use is a bed...but with the soft rug if I get desperate for a nap I think I'll just curl up with a couple of the pillows and snooze on the floor.

modern feminine french style office in white