Subtle Blue Touches In Design

chinoiserie pots with peonies

In my home I have used blue as an accent color forever it seems. I've strayed more towards pink for a time, but my true love for blue seems to always come back to me. Maybe it's the tranquil nature of blue, or the the fact that it just seems so right with our tropical environment, or perhaps it's because my darling Mr. has the bluest of blue eyes! Whatever...I crush on blue and I'm going to have to see if in my old photo albums I have any photos of our first house that I wallpapered.
in a pale blue mini print with Laura Ashley wallpaper. I feel that in actually I haven't strayed too far with always loving on flowers, and blues and touches of pink...always with white to ground the hues.

elegant white living rooms

Blue chinoiserie is just the right touch sometimes in the living room. Back in that first house that I just told you about I had a pair of blue chinoiserie ginger jar lamps. What the heck ever happened to those, because I'd sure LOVE to have them still!

blue and white decorating in modern design

Blue and timeless, so chic {not shabby:~}

aqua mason jar with peonies

The simple blue or blue/green of a vintage Mason jar with pink hydrangeas adds that bit of a pop to a shelf or mantel if you don't want to commit or spend much in trying some blue.

peony display shabby chic

Mason jars are always a love of mine and easy floral display.

elegant floral arrangements

A large blue vintage European pickle jar sets the tone in the kitchen a few years back with more blue touches. Here I have layered some vintage tablecloths that have touches of blue. Do you have a few old (or new) tablecloths that you can try layering out?

blue bedroom decorating

A favorite yard sale find in our master bedroom is this very faded blue velvet chair. The more faded the better as far as I'm concerned with blues.

shabbyfufu bedroom

Subtlety is key in my shabbyfufu world. The ruffled throw is from my shop.

faded blue bedroom

Blue duvet...I've bleached it because it was a bit too teal for my preference. My "recipe" below!

shabby chic couture napkins

I dipped some Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture floral napkins in a bleach solution (about 75% water to 25% bleach), soaked for an hour, rinsed and laid out on the grass in the sun to bleach out. They make sense in this even more shabby tone now.

kitchen with mason jar chandelier

You've probably seen my kitchen/dining room before with the blue Mason jar.

gorgeous white kitchen design

 A few scattered touches of blue and we are good to go here.

best kitchen designs in white

Peeking across in the other direction to the family room guessed it, more soft blue in the authentic stained glass window trio.

shabbyfufu dining room


french dining table ideas

I'm linking up today with a few talented designer friends dedicated to the color blue! Please visit each of them linked below for a dose of inspiration!