DIY - How To Make A Dessert Stand

As a long time collector of all sorts of vintage pieces and a frequent DiYer, I have a crazy insane stash of spare parts. I also used to create scores of chandeliers for my website and Etsy shop and still do on occasion by order. So now you might understand.

dessert stand diy

why in my garage workshop I have spare lamp bases.

LOTS of them. A multitude of a mess! And gobs of other lighting parts, which I haven't yet gotten to in my efforts to declutter. Sigh...

vintage metal lamp bases

I created this easy dessert or cupcake stand and YOU CAN DO THIS with a metal lamp base perhaps from the thrift store.

I had an unfinished (raw metal) base but if you take apart an old lamp it will work exactly the same way. In my planning, I decided to combine this base with a pastel Limoges floral plate from my collection. You could use any plate that you might find and again, thrift stores and yard sales are great sources for cast-offs one one-offs. 

pastel craft paint

I gathered my acrylic craft paints that were in pastel shades to coordinate with the Limoges plate I was going to use, and applied in a couple of coats with a brush. Once dry I sprayed on a sealer so that it could be washed by hand later on. There are no rules with the base that you find and just see what works with what you have.

It's easy as pie (or cupcake:~) to put your stand together, as lamp bases generally have a flat surface so the plate or bowl with glue on quickly. I used a multi-purpose waterproof glue for this project and it's useful to have on hand for many projects throughout the home. Allow to dry overnight before moving around for use.

Top it with a glass cloche after filling with cupcakes or your favorite cookies and it looks pretty on a table for Mother's Day or a bridal shower...

teacup cupcake stand

This whimsical stack of orphaned tea cups and plates was glued together in the same fashion and holds a single cupcake for a place setting. Thinking Alice In Wonderland and the Mad Hatter Tea Party here:~}}

French dessert stands

If frou frou isn't your style you could simply take the same idea and use the metal lamp stands with plates that are more attuned to your aesthetic. These are some vintage French plates (one is a bowl) that are damaged, so I had no remorse in creating a few stands...

cake stand diy using old lamp parts and vintage plates

Hope that you are inspired to get your creative playtime on with this one and I've shared a similar tutorial in another post HERE. Love CUPCAKES? I have 25 delicious CUPCAKE RECIPES for you HERE.

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